on August 20, 2018 133 views
Stopped at a new park for a sesh. Tons of scraggle but a fun place to fly. This is also my first edit on kiss. Still having issues with a bit of unwanted roll at the end of forward flips sometimes but it flies. Not quite as polished as my flying on betaflight but the feel is amazing. Just going to take some time to get the muscle memory adapted and fine tune my rates.
Frame: Qav-r
FC: Kiss v1 1.03. Latest firmware
ESC: Kiss 24a, Dshot 600.
Motors: Diatone edge 2306/2450kv
VTX: TBS unify pro @ 500mw
Cam: Swift 2 mini
Props: HQ 5x4.3x3 v1s
HD cam: Gopro session 4
Music: R. A. The Rugged Man - The Dangerous Three