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S800 Sky Shadow Range check // Best in 4K (2160p) How far will the wing go? What will be the limit with cheap default components? Well, we will find out in this flight and explain some details. The default components ==================== What we describe as default components are those which transmits radio on 2.4GHz and video on 5.8GHz which are legal frequencies for that purpose. Those are the components we all find at the dealer of choice. There is no magic here. So to make it clear: THIS IS NOT - 1.3GHz or 2.4GHz Video - Crossfire, OpenLRS, DragonLink, Scherrer or similar - Diversity - YAGI or Antenna-Tracker This is a simple setup with only one antenna on the FPV goggles ! Is this bad? We would say NO! It works pretty good, to be honest even better as expected! As mentioned in the video, we've listed the used components below. Is this LONG RANGE? ================= No, it's not! Long range is something you can achieve with better radio transmissions like TBS Crossfire or DragonLink. They aim to go much more that what we can squeeze out of the above mentioned transmitters. We wont get to compete with anything that is long range with this. Awesome result ============= You know that we wont post a video with utter crap! We usually come up with stuff we believe in and which work for us! So, how far out do you think we got? :) Notice on affiliated links ==================== Some links may be affiliated. This means, if you buy the linked items on the particular page, we will get a little benefit. We use this to buy our stuff on our own. In short terms: By buying these items, you help us keep going! The Sky Shadow uses these components (affiliated links): =================================================== Reptile S800 Sky Shadow KIT: Motor DYS2822 1800kv (3s Cruising): 30A Opto ESC: Servos: L9R Receiver: Prop 7050 APC": GPS Beitian BN-880: Buzzer: Matek F405-OSD FC: Matek FCHUB 6S: LEDs: 3A mini SBEC: Motor Stand-off kit: Motor mount Spacers (as on V1): Xiaomi Yi: Yi 4K PLUS: Runcam Eagle : MultiStar 3s3000 10c Battery: ➡️ SUBSCRIBE for more ==================== Be a part of the Matebox family- visit us on Facebook =========================================== Like us: Join us: Join the Society of black wings ========================= #s800 #skyshadow #longrange #rangecheck

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Nice video, like your storytelling, welcome to the pack!
There will be a lot more, mate