on June 25, 2021 16 views

FPV Tea made his video for me today, because I'm now so blind I can't even count my fingers if I hold my hand out in front of me. I can't fly, I can't solder, this is ojnne frustrating kind of hell that's tearing me to pieces from te inside out. High contrast theme and a microscope only go so far, everything else is a blurry mess all the time everywhere, like lookign through a frosted car window in the morning. A friend took me out to eat for the first time ince the pandemic for my birthday, and I couldn't see the food on my plate. Anyway, I thought I'd share it. The video I mean, not the food. See as much of yoru planet as you can while I can, that was my plan... things just didn't pan out that way.

Today was especially frustrating, I was trying to get a PC with a USB 3.0serial card tto run, that had a dead real time clock to post for me, so I could run the DJI video out hack and having no luck at all no matter how many times I cleared the NVRAM with the little hard to find jumper. Putting rRAM sticks in or pluggingin a USB cable when you are blind is a special kind of hell, let me tell you.

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