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Discuss configuring telemetry screens on the Taranis radio.
I have not seen anyone post a video on this, so I thought it would be good to share. I'm sure many already know about these and use them, but if not, they are handy and I use the large telem screens often.
I use them mainly to check my output power for radio, since I'm using Crossfire and can change output power. This is nice because sometimes I might forget that I had the radio at a high output power, and then later went inside to work on gear, and you don't want to be on high output power when working close with your receiver.
There are many other features that you can add to these screens, along with current and voltage, temps, and altitude if you have a baro, and Lat and Lon if you have GPS.
I'm showing here with a whoop just for demo purposes, the whoop has only so many sensors but you get the idea.
This is referring the the large telemetry screens on your radio when you hold down the Page button.

Thank you for watching !

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