on March 13, 2020 10 views

SIM Racing vs. real drone racing at the SOAA fairgrounds indoor arena.
After the races, Casey ManCub built the course on Velocidrone and uploaded for us to try. He did a great job recreating the course on the SIM. My times are almost identical LOL. I really like Velocidrone, it is a great drone racing simulator.
We will be racing again at the fairgrounds arena on March 15th, can't wait !
I'm sure the guys will change up the course, and will be good to race at a new track at this same place.
Find this map in Velocidrone under the Football Stadium maps, search for SOAA or SOAA Kickoff and you should find it.
We will be on the SIM this weekend if anyone would like to join in !
Probably run some of this and some micro tiny whoop tracks. The micro pack is so good !!

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