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Met up with Matt SemeGlass at a local football field and setup some gates. It is cold and middle of winter, but we need to practice and get faster !
Fun time with Matt, we setup a number of gates and also used the goalposts as gates, triple gates actually. Split S over the horizontal post, then funnel turns around the vertical posts, works great :D
Also the big block of snow near the far gate is intended to be a flag, so pretend that is a flag that we must rotate around.
We will get more gates and this coming weekend should have a few more pilots joining us for some field practice.
We have a tiny whoop race on Feb. 22nd and a 5" race March 15th.
Season is already getting crazy !

Check out some of our flying on Matt's page here;

Can't wait for Spring to get here !!
Running the TBS Source One V3 frame
iFlight Succex TwinG F7 V2.1 Stack
iFlight XING 2207 1800kv Motors
TBS Crossfire
TBS Unify Pro
RunCam Racer 2
FrSky Taranis X9D Plus
FatShark Dominator V3 with Furious FPV True-D
GoPro Session 5 Superview

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