on February 6, 2020 16 views

Final round of qualifying this Sunday at the Southern Oregon Air Academy exhibition race at the fairgrounds horse arena.
Casey and Caleb put on a great event, also thank you to Zane Rushi for race directing along with Casey ManCub.
Fun round here battling with Zane RushiFPV, he is fast and we were going back and forth all through qualifying. We ran five rounds if I remember right, a lot of qualy but good practice before the races.
I qualified well and made it straight to A Mains !! :)
We then ran three rounds of A Mains to decide the final standings, was a blast of a race and check the end of video for qualifying results and race results !!
I will upload race DVR soon, I did not run the GoPro during the race, just too heavy and wanted a lighter feel. I ran some qualy with and without the camera and the turns just felt so slow with the camera on top. The times showed too, qualifying laps were right around the 30 second mark and my race times were around the 26's and 27 second laps.
We have another race scheduled here in two weeks, time for more practice !!

Thank you Caleb and S.O.A.A. for organizing and hosting this event

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