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Met up with Kaleb (SinisterFPV) and Jerome (PlatnumbFPV) at Jason's (Klipper) property just south of Grants Pass.
What a great spot and beautiful day !!
Kaleb and Jerome just moved up from Central California and we got a chance to go shred some props. Such amazing pilots !
Both are super fast racers and incredible skill, Cali boys are laying down some knowledge.
Great day and great flying, my gear is all running perfect, with the exception of some noise in my video. I installed a 50v 470 cap on this build as an experiment, should have stuck with 50v 1000uf.
I was hoping 470 would still work sufficient and save some space, but nope, doesn't work as well as a 1000uf, I've been told that two 470's would work great. But that takes up more room than just one 1000uf and that one seems to work well on my other builds.

Hope you enjoy and some more to come, sorry been a while since my last post, work has been crazy !!
I worked three weeks straight after labor day without a day off, ironic ?
Making some money for more toys :)

Oh and I'm working on an info video on how-to for installing and setting up Betalfight 4.1 and Bi-Directional DShot, with RPM filtering.
I got it to work and it is AMAZING !!

Stay tuned...

#tbscrossfire #tbsunify #betaflight #freestyle #teamblacksheep

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Nice range!!
September 20, 2019
thank you very much Lt. Worf !
September 24, 2019