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Finally I got to this airplane graveyard with my new friend NPK
(link to his channel:
It was cool to fly together;)
If you suddenly decides to visit this location you should pay 200 baht per person for one hour. Actually one hour for this place is enough, even half an hour is enough. But if you want to rip all your batteries it will be not too much because this place is very popular and a lot of tourist walking around old airplanes.
Sad song about lost drone -
Also I've burned a motor and ESC on my 5 inch quad and that is why I flew over this airplanes on my new 6 inch drone.
Frame: Armattan Chameleon Ti 6”LR
Flight Controller&ESC : HobbyWing XRotor 4in0n1 60A ESC&FC F4 G2
FPV camera: RunCam Eagle 2 Pro (Orange)
Motors: TMotor F80 1900kv
Antenna: VAS Ion SMA
Receiver: TBS Crossfire Nano Diversity RX
Action camera: GoPro Sessions 5
Goggles: AomWay Commander Goggles v1
Radio: Frsky Taranis QX7 + TBS Crossfire TX Full size with TBS Immortal-T
Backpack: BetaFlight
Betaflight 4.0.3
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The question is how the planes come there? They can't land in the City, no airstripe but why should they bring them there???
Ha-Ha-Ha... Actually I had a same question when I came to this place. This is what I found about it
Luv2Rip FPV
What a cool spot to fly man!!! Great job!