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Some footage from the pits and my last practice run before main races begin on Saturday morning August 24th in Roseburg Oregon.
I qualified for B Main Finals Advanced Class at the very last minute, my final run got me into B Mains.
Wow so fun, so crazy, what a wild weekend. I arrived Friday mid morning and got a few practice laps in before the X Class monsters took the field. Then qualifying started at 4pm on Friday, and a lot of pilots were putting in laps. We ran qualy from 4pm until dark, about 8:30pm or so.
Then first thing Saturday morning at 8am we had one last practice run before races. This footage is the few minutes just before last practice and official race time, my nerves were off the hook !!
Shaky hands, nervous, the whole thing, I was a wreck !
So much fun though, I just need to calm down and have fun, which it is a blast :)
So fun meeting everyone, got to meet up with Tyler StickFPV who won the motors from my last giveaway, AWESOME meeting you Tyler and so cool we got to fly ! I even got to fly (and crash) his brand new drone that he built with the motors :)
Met so many people, Kevin Whitenoise FPV, Robert Sharklotus, Darrell and Kelly from Quadfellas, and seeing all the MIA guys again, it has been a while.
Great seeing Jordan and Zane, Aaron, Ciye, Marvin, Damien, Jesse, Gabe, and everyone else I have not mentioned.
Until next year ! Or the next event :)

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