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T-Motor 6143 6inch Prop Cloud Surfing first test flight for me T-Motor was so no nice to send me some of these new 6inch Props after I was begging them to make a 6inch Prop similar to my Loved 5inch 5143 prop.

Long Story short I LOVE THEM best 6inch prop I ever tried, fast good response and nearly no vibration or jello on the HD image, and really low Amp draw. But it is no wonder because they are similar to the T5143 just in 6" Well done and Thanks T-motor!

Cloud Surfing and long Range flying booth together is insane but after the week with peter, I get hooked by that and now whenever I see Clouds I HAVE to FLY hope you like that.

This is my new 6inch Long Range Drone flight time around 8-12 min with a 1800mha Lipo with around 60km/h speed a proxy this is super awesome, fastest speed downhill was around 142km/h that is insane fast :) all possible with the GPS I did flew FPV Long Range for years but never used GPS and no it was finally time to have GPS more aggressive and longer Lines income! I think with that Quad and Bigger battery I can Aim for really long Range lines over 5km one-way let's see how this will work pretty soon.

This video was filmed with A GoPro 7 Black and some of these Clips was reworked with Reelsteady.

Soon more footage!

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Frame: Reverb 6inch -
Flightcontroller: Iflight -
ESC: T-motor 4in1 BLHeli32
Motor: Egodrift 2205
Probs: Tmotor T-6143
Battery: SLS NoC 1800mha
VideoTR: TBS Vision Board or Unify - -
Antena: TBS Triumph -
RC Link: TBS Crossfire Nano with immortal T and TBS Crossfire full - -
FPV camera: Runcam Racer 2
FPV-Glasses: Fatshark Transformer HD + Clearview TBS -
HD Camera: GoPro Hero 7 Black -
Remote Control: Taranis XD9-Plus -

other Useful Tools I have always in my backpack

Mobile Solder Iron - TS 100
Gopro Battery Charger -
Gopro Tripod -
Powerbank -
SD Car Reader -
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