on August 21, 2019 58 views

Trying to get everything running well before the event this weekend.
West Coast Throwdown in just a few days !!!
Haven't been quite comfortable with Betaflight 4.x yet but spending more time and doing more research, reading github articles and watching other tuning videos. Betaflight 4 is so much different, especially with PID tuning. Yaw Integral values are completely different, as well as yaw proportional settings.
I've been experimenting with filter settings, TPA, I Term Relax, Feed Forward, among other things.
We are getting there, and hopefully will be running well for next weekend.
I was skeptical at first with the BF4.x versions but now that I'm learning the differences and how to tune, it is very cool. I can see where they are going, or at least I'm assuming...
We shouldn't need to run as high P and I values, and we have more flexibility with using TPA and I Term relax, so that we can tune across the entire throttle range. But the problem is, we need to learn how to use these features.
Can't wait to meet everyone at WCT !!!
I'm also working on a last minute backup build, trying to film most of it but running out of time !

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