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Harrier S1100 how I tune iNav // It’s tuning day! Pairan takes you to the field and shows how he tunes his Harrier with iNav. Also Position HOLD and RTH is tested with other settings!

It's always the same procedure
First make sure your wing is flying and has the right board alignment to fly leveled. Then get up at a safe altitude and try to fly as straight as possible. At that time do a Auto Trim (takes 5 sec, saves automatically).
After that activate Auto Tune and push the wing into any direction multiple times. And repeat that for a while! iNav will optimize the PIFF settings while you do so resulting in a smoother flight.
When you are satisfied with it, deactivated Auto Tune BEFORE Landing! In case you land with Auto Tune enabled, you'll ruin the tune!
Then land and unarm the wing. Enter OSD and SAVE the setting!

Current Harrier PID/PIFF for the impatient
set fw_p_pitch = 9
set fw_i_pitch = 20
set fw_ff_pitch = 91
set fw_p_roll = 9
set fw_i_roll = 17
set fw_ff_roll = 85
set fw_i_yaw = 14
set fw_ff_yaw = 63

Altitude contoller setting:
set nav_fw_pos_z_p = 35
set nav_fw_pos_z_d = 15

perhaps the P value could be reduced further.

Hope it helps you out there :)

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I want to get into the wings, this is very cool
Then get an easy wing and get going! Something cheap, that will not ruin the day if it crashes. Take a Z84 Wing wing or S800 sky Shadow - small cheap and easy to repair in case of a crash.