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Second tuning session for the TBS Source 1 build. After the last video, I did some reading and research and decided to update to the new release of Betaflight 4.0.4
I still get worse yaw bounce than in 3.5.7 but seems there are some fixes and additions to help.
The Betaflight Facebook group has an article pinned showing some testing data that I'm trying, also working with I-Term Relax settings.
I'm going to apply I-Term relax to the yaw axis after this session. I noticed that the default BF settings have I-Term relax applied to pitch and roll only. Handling of Pitch and Roll seems very nice, crisp and clean. Yaw is not very good with the default settings, seems to only issue that I have with BF4.
Some FPV tuning after this video :)

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TBS Crossfire Standard TX
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iFlight Succex TwinG Dual Gyro F7 FC and 4-in-1 ESC
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