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Nano Talon is this for you // we got a new member in the hangar an go for some test flights with it. Is this the right plane for you? what did we do to it? Let's go find out together.

There are so many videos on this plane by now so we will skip the big introduction as it is obsolete.
What's good:
- the provided set lets you start fast on getting in the air
- it will almost fly forever due to it's shape and power demand
- it's small and will find a place in every car
- spare parts are available

What you should have in mind:
- it's a small wing and so it won't carry to many heavy things like a gopro
- it's very light and with that touchy in the wind

Modded to flat wing
Simon modded the wing to become a flat wing instead of the default dihedral shape. This make the Nano Talon fly a bit smoother. You can find the parts by Keith 'Bonafidepirat' Luneau here :

.. and then added iNav
Last but not least, the default FC got swapped out to something with a return-to-home feature. And a Matek F411-Wing is a real good choice here. Combined with the Beitian BN-880 it takes care of the needs of the most fpv pilots :)

The Nano Talon flies very well and for a long time! Just be sure to get some spare props in case you brake one.

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The Nano Talon uses these components (affiliated links)
ZOHD Nano Talon PnP:
FrSky R9 TX/RX:
Matek F411-WING FC:
GPS Beitian BN-880:
Caddx Tarsier Cam:
Gitup F1 :

and a 4s2500mAh lipo

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