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Harrier S1100 Wing cam attached // After a failed attempt to climb the sky we get the Harrier back up there with a second cam attached on the wing. A chilled flight on a late evening.

This time we launched :)
Yeah, admitted: last time was simply a stupid mistake that ended in need of new props :) We fixed that this time and reduced the made mistakes down to one and was able to cruise around. Simply the fact that the lipo was drained to about 15v reduced the fun a bit as we didn't have enough juice to go for some range.

After the flight is BEFORE the flight!
I've gone over to write down my observations and ideas for every plane. With that I'm able to get everything done before I head out for the next flight and end up with several flaws and todos that should have been sorted out. This time the list was short:
- fix OSD to correct show the altitude (2 digits are not enough)
- Run another auto tune flight to optimize those PIFFs
- optimize the RTH/POSHOLD PIFFS to stop the oscilations

... guess that's it for now ;)

Enjoy the flight, friends!

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The Harrier uses these components (affiliated links):
S1100 Harrier KIT:
S1100 Harrier KIT (BLACK):
S1100 Harrier PnP:
2 x TowerPro MG92B servos:
2 x Racerstar RS30A 30A Blheli_S OPTO 2-4S ESC:
2x SunnySky X2216 1250kv:
2x 8045“ Props
LC Filter for clean video:
RunCam Eagle 2:
or FPVCam Caddx Ratel :
Gitup F1 :
Orange LEDs :
iNav Radar hardware:

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