on July 19, 2019 50 views

Finishing up a new build with the TBS Source 1 V0.2 frame, and showing some goodies to possibly give away ?
Thank you to all of my subscribers, it is time for me to give something back and show my appreciation. I have some really cool stuff that I want to give away to a few folks who really need these parts.
Anyone out there grounded right now and need something to get back in the air ?
Let me know if any of these items help, and if not let me know what you need to get back in the air, maybe I have something that will work.
Thanks again everyone and I can't wait to send out some goodies and maybe see someone use them in a video !
Stay tuned over the next few videos, and we will decide how to choose a home for this stuff and also check out the maiden video for my new TBS Source 1 build.

Loving Crossfire and Unify, now must try the frame :)
They have a v3 out now but haven't been able to get one yet, and these are under $30, had to try !

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