on July 9, 2019 133 views

Getting in some practice time on the sim, not very fast yet but getting it down. Now that I have a nice radio, makes the sim much more fun.
I like working with the sim to experiment with rates, trying different settings.
Ghost mode is a lot of fun, time attack is a great way to learn the track and practice, and the ghost is my best lap at that track, so I can continuously try and improve.
Using the laptop here so the video card is not the best, does fine for a laptop and I will not complain.
Getting ready for the West Coast Throwdown in mid August :)

Anyone want to share ghost files and race each other's best time !!
Hit me up and I will send my ghost files, and I would love to download others and try and race against them :)

I have a cloud drive we can upload the files. Comment and I will leave a link

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