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Drones everywhere !!
Watch out for the mid-air at 3:08
Couple practice sessions at the FPV Jam this year in Creswell. Some practices from Friday evening, right around Golden Hour, or Magic Hour as some call it. Some nice colors and shadows.
The guys did a great job with the course, a lot of additions this year. Many more gates and challenges, I love the power loop tower with kiss trampoline at the top :)
Weather was perfect too, right around 80 degrees.
Had a great time flying with Zaine and Tyson and all the guys, thank you Forward Flight for putting on the event !

Thank you Krazy Kwads for the great deals on my quad parts;

Thank you Kwad Garage for the awesome TPU parts;

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Discord user: FireBlade#4248
VelociDrone: FireBlade

#FPVJamboree #ForwardFlight #iFlight #XING #Betaflight #FireBlade_FPV

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