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Time to update BF and tune with my 210mm race quad.
I held off updating right away when Betaflight 4 first came out. I'm very happy with my tune on 3.5.7 and was not in a rush to move to this new and very different version.
I've heard and read a lot about the new filters and changes to PID loop and other additions so will eventually need to get on it.
I left everything default, all filters and PID settings are BF 4.0.2 settings. The only changes I made were to the rates, and very minimal.
I lower RC rate just a bit, down to .9 on all axis. I also add .4 expo to all axis, including throttle and I also zero out throttle mid.

First thing I noticed was that the tune was much closer to how I like it right out of the box. PID settings are very close, and much of this can most likely be contributed to improved filtering and the addition of D_Min and I term relax. I notice that the I term default settings are much higher than in previous builds, especially yaw.
I ended up adding just a touch of P on all axis and backing off I term on yaw just a bit. Very, very close though without changing anything, and that seems to be what BF is going for.

Seems very nice, now the real test, take it to some events :)
going to be a great summer !!

Hope this video helps and comment with any questions.

My build;

Lumenier QAVR 210 frame all soft mounted (ESC, FC and Motors)
iFlight iPeaka 45a DShot1200 ESC
iFlight XING 2306 2450kv motors topped with Ethix Watermelon blades
TBS Crossfire Nano SE RX with Immortal T antenna
TBS Unify Pro 5v VTX with iFlight stubby RHCP antenna
RunCam Robin FPV Cam
GoPro Session 5 - 2.7k Superview - No Stabilization

FrSky Taranis X9D Plus with Standard TBS Crossfire Module

Fat Shark Dominator V3 with FuriousFPV True-D receiver and ImmersionRC and iFlight antennas

Discord user: FireBlade#4248
Discord server:

#betaflight #iflight #crossfire #unify #teamblacksheep