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Putting in some time on the new gimbals, love the X9D plus. Will run these for some time then eventually swap out for a set of Hall Gimbals.
Practicing at one of my favorite spots during lunch, put in three packs if I remember right. Getting nice warm outside, have missed the sunshine very much.

Also testing the Runcam Robin here, micro FPV camera running 5v

Testing my TBS Crossfire as well as my new TBS Unify Pro 5v VTX, all working perfect :)

Thank you Albeesoaring and for getting me setup with the awesome custom gimbal guards and antenna protectors !

Thank you for the Radio setup !

iFlight XING 2306 2450kv motors with iFlight iPeaka 45A DShot1200 esc and topped with Ethix Watermelon blades

OmniBus F4 Pro V4 Betaflight 3.5.7
TBS Crossfire Nano receiver with Immortal T antenna
GoPro Session 5 at 2.7k 30fps Superview - no stabilization
Fat Shark Dominator V3 with FuriousFPV True-D V3.7 receiver and ImmersionRC and iFlight antennas

Check out Albeesoaring's page here:

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