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Can I Touch the Sky? Yes absolute on top of this mountain Peak some clouds are coming in fast and so I Flight through clouds and that makes this long range FPV trip absolute awesome.
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Some FPV long distance flying with my 5 inch quadcopter is still one of my favorite pastimes in this hobby but nothing at all makes my heart beat faster than when on top of the mountains slowly turn in my quadcopter or surf a mountain ridge down.

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or that one with the perfect light
or this also on a cloudy mountain!

#Long distance flights with my drone and on this one my #GoProHERO7 - this is the perfect combination to capture these beautiful landscapes in 4k.

Flying through the clouds with my drone was very exciting because the FPV signal was often interrupted but thanks to my experience and steady fingers on the sticks and the confidence that it would come back I was able to capture these pictures.
I would have liked to have flown even closer and deeper on the top of this mountain but due to the wind and the signal losses described above it was simply not safe.
Without TBS Crossfire all this would not be possible, I first had to build up some trust with the 2.92 software again but now I know that everything works as it should.
Soon I will provide a DVR recording so you can see what it looks like with the values but already now I can say 10mw have been enough for this flight.

flying through clouds some time ago I wouldn't have thought that it would work at all but as you can see on my Gopro 7 Hypersmooth video it's possible but please always remember that clouds are moving and it can get dark very fast behind the FPV glasses.
Also this time as already described above it has caught me on the top of the mountain 1-2 times that I had no signal the best thing you can do is stay short ruigh especially if you have already turned the quad anyway towards the valley the signal comes back mostly fast.

Very often I get questions by PN concerning my GoPro settings, basically, I adjust everything Manuel and adjust it with every flight again I do not always hit it perfect but I learn every time something new. But as a reference point Iso 100/400, sharpness low, GoPro color flad, WB depending on the light. Shutter speed depends on whether with or without ND filter this time without.

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Frame: Reverb -
Flightcontroller: Revolt -
ESC: Tmotor Blheli32 4in1
Motor: Hobbywing and Johnyfpv - -
Probs: HQ 5x4.3x3 VS1 -
Battery: SLS NoC
VideoTR: TBS Vision Board or Unify - -
Antena: TBS Triumph -
RC Link: TBS Crossfire Nano with immortal T and TBS Crossfire full - -
FPV camera: Runcam swift 2
FPV-Glasses: Fatshark Transformer HD + Clearview TBS - -
HD Camera: GoPro Hero 7 Black -
Remote Control: Taranis XD9-Plus -

other Useful Tools I have always in my backpack

Mobile Solder Iron - TS 100
Gopro Battery Charger -
Gopro Tripod -
Powerbank -
SD Car Reader -