Luv2Rip FPV
on April 14, 2019 21 views

Not much flying in this video.. just at the very end.. for about 30 seconds LOL. Just a recap of what happened to me today and some advice on checking your quad. All in all it was a frustrating weekend for me in terms of flying my quads...


Impulse Reverb
Brother Hobby 2306-2450
Kiss 24 A ESC
Kiss FC V2 F7
TBS Tramp Unify Pro VTX
AXII Antenna
RX - FrSky X4R
HQ 5X5X3
RunCam Swift 2 Camera - 2.3mm Lens - Rotoriot edition
GP Session5/FPV cam at 35 deg

Taranis X9D Special Edition - Blazing Skull Edition

Fatshark HDO
RX - TrueD3

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1 pilot likes this.