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As I promised in my last video, there is a next level under the bridge and it worked, but on my perfect run, I missed some Ghost branches and almost lost my FPV Drone and the GoPro 7. When you just look for my epic fail than start the Video from around 1:24.
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My girlfriend and I were looking for about 2h because the river was hard to reach and there is still a lot of snow lying around and this mountain river is super cold we got quite cold and wet feet. It took us so long because I was thinking after hitting the branches I get straigh into the river and at this place the River was super strong so we thought my quad was taken by the River, and who could have guessed that a quad copter jumps like a rubber ball, so we searched almost all the time in the wrong place. But in the end I found him then nevertheless approx. 30cm deep water with the GoPro on it! YES thus remains my drones loss balance still at 0.

Now a few hours later and after the drying of my Quadcopter the following components are unfortunately to be booked as defective: Revolt FC and a Swift 2 FPV Cam and also the ESC and the TBS EVO only TBS Crossfire and the motors look good, but more tests have to be done to find out if these components really still work.
But we've all learned something, see if there are any ghost branches somewhere in your trajectory.

Happy flying and let me know in comments what you think you would do something like that again? :)
And please give me feedback for the sound design, that's the first time I've used it for a video.

This was filmed with a GoPro Hero 7 Black on 4k 50p with hypersmooth on.
Color Flad, Iso 100/400, Shutter speed auto, 4500k sharpness low.
All colors and other corrections are done in Premiere.

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Frame: Reverb -
Flightcontroller: Revolt -
ESC: Blheli32 4in1 -
Motor: Hobbywing and Johnyfpv - -
Probs: HQ 5x4.3x3 VS1 -
Battery: Tattu Rline 1550
VideoTR: TBS Vision Board or Unify - -
Antena: TBS Triumph -
RC Link: TBS Crossfire Nano with immortal T and TBS Crossfire full - -
FPV camera: Runcam swift 2
FPV-Glasses: Fatshark Transformer HD + Clearview TBS - -
HD Camera: GoPro Hero 7 Black -
Remote Control: Taranis XD9-Plus -

other Useful Tools I have always in my backpack

Mobile Solder Iron - TS 100
Gopro Battery Charger -
Gopro Tripod -
Powerbank -
SD Car Reader -

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