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Makerfire Armor 65 Lite: https://shop.makerfire.com/products/makerfire-armor-65-lite-rtf?aff=90
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Makerfire Armor 65 Lite 2.4GHz, 4Ch, 6 Axis Gyro, Micro FPV RC Quadcopter with Angle and Acro flight modes (RTF) + FPV flights
Makerfire Armor 65 Lite: https://shop.makerfire.com/products/makerfire-armor-65-lite-rtf?aff=90
Transmitter: 5.8GHz, 25mW, 40Ch, (NTSC / PAL)
Camera: M8 Lens, 650TVL, 1/4 "CMOS, 120° wide angle
Antenna: Dipole
Additional electronics which I use in this video:
Eachine VR D2: https://goo.gl/k8vPir
Eachine LCD5802S: http://goo.gl/RIlzjz
BOLDCLASH P01: https://goo.gl/eiMTLr
HTRC H150AC/DC DUO: https://goo.gl/PqXGPQ
The all new Armor 65 Lite is a ready-to-fly FPV racing nano quadcopter that’s great for kids and adults alike, for the beginner to intermediate and even all the way to the advanced pilot.
It comes already equipped with a 800TVL camera, powerful 17600KV 7x16mm motors, tough armor frame, and Silverware firmware. No need to upgrade anytime soon.
It utilizes the high-speed BayangToys protocol. Transmitter is already included but you can choose to use multiprotocol transmitters or modules such as the Jumper T8/12, Devo 7e/10 with DeviationTX, and iRangeX IRX4/6, and MTX-9D.
This is not your average toy quadcopter converted to a whoop. This is a purposely designed and built whoop. And its purpose is FUN!
Silverware is an open-source flight controller firmware developed by GitHub user silver13 for F0 FCs. It was forked and further refined by GitHub user NotFastEnuf.
Wheelbase: 65mm
Weight: 24.5g (without Battery)
Flight Control: Silverware (NotFastEnuf/NFE_Silverware) Tiny-Lite FC integrated Bayang protocol receiver
Motor: 0716, 17600KV (65000rpm@3.7V)
Propeller: 31mm Four-Blade Propeller
FPV Camera: 25mW/120° wide angle /650TVL
Power interface: JST-PH2.0
Battery: 300mAh /4.35V/1S LiPo
Flight time: 4 min 20 Seconds
Maximum Flight Distance: 75m
Flight Mode: Level mode or Acro mode
Frequency Table:
A 5865MHz 5845MHz 5825MHz 5805MHz 5785MHz 5765MHz 5745MHz 5725MHz
B 5733MHz 5752MHz 5771MHz 5790MHz 5809MHz 5828MHz 5847MHz 5866MHz
E 5705MHz 5685MHz 5665MHz 5645MHz 5885MHz 5905MHz 5925MHz 5945MHz
F 5740MHz 5760MHz 5780MHz 5800MHz 5820MHz 5840MHz 5860MHz 5880MHz
R 5658MHz 5695MHz 5732MHz 5769MHz 5806MHz 5843MHz 5880MHz 5917MHz
Additional info you can find here:
Package Included:
1 x Makerfire Armor 65 Lite Micro FPV RC Quadcopter
1 x Transmitter on 2.4GHz
1 x Li-HV Battery, 3.8V, 1S, 300mAh
1 x USB Charger
4 x 4-Blade propellers
1 x U-wrench
1 x Bolt for transmitter and Screws for drone`s canopy (2pcs)
1 x Color stickers
1. Day One by Declan DP Music https://soundcloud.com/declandp
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0
Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/W3_fiilYMCs
2. New Beginning by Del. https://soundcloud.com/del-sound
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3. Music provided by Argofox: DOCTOR VOX - Death
Makerfire Armor 65 Lite NotFastEnuf/NFE_Silverware Bayang Protocol
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