on March 19, 2019 101 views

Discussing different props and design, along with a test flight with the iFlight Nazgul 5061 tri blades. Very aggressive props, and very light and durable. I've ran them before but never on these new XING 2306 motors, let's see how they do !
Also showing some others that I run, Gemfan and HQ, along with DalProp and some others.
Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoy !
I had fun making the video :)

iFlight XING 2306 2450kv motors
iFlight iPeaka DShot1200 ESC's
QAVR 210 frame - soon to be the iFlight XL5 V3 :)
Omnibus F4 Pro V2 FC
RunCam Racer 2
GoPro Session 5 Superview

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