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Trying for some trippy spins with the tiny whoop. Has been raining for a week straight and finally some sun, but with wind so makes for some extra challenge. Also some strange happenings going on in the forest, I've flown here many times but never noticed some of the weird stuff hidden in the trees...
Flying the Snapper6 from Mobula\HappyModel. Very fun little quad, took some tuning but after a lot of adjustment is now flying great !
I wanted to stay with a 1s 65mm tiny whoop and see how well I could get it to perform. So far I'm very impressed, only downfall is short flight times, but they are no worse than my 65mm brushed whoop. Getting around 2 - 2.5 minutes flight time, and that is with a lot of throttle.
Using the four blade props from BetaFPV.
0603 19,000kv motors from HappyModel.
450mah 80c 1s LiHV batteries from GNB.
Fat Shark Dominator V3 with FuriousFPV True-D V3.7 receiver and ImmersionRC & iFlight antennas.

#tinywhoop #trippyspins #mobula #fireblade_FPV #snapper6 #mobula #happymodel

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