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Flying the Snapper6 outside testing that acro tune. Quad is flying great, love the settings and very impressed for a 65mm whoop. Trying for some freestyle :)
Did some dives down through the trees that surprised me, didn't know if the tiny whoop would handle it but pulled out !
Enjoying this whoop from mobula, a lot of fun.
Running four blade props from BetaFPV and really like them as well, seem to handle the outdoor a little better than the stock triples.
Running 450mah 80c 1s LiHV packs from GNB.
0603 19,000kv motors from HappyModel.
Fat Shark Dominator V3 with FuriousFPV True-D V3.7 Receiver and ImmersionRC and iFlight antennas.
Betaflight 3.5.5

#TinyWhoop #Mobula #HappyModel #Snapper3 #FireBlade_FPV

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