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Last pack at one of my favorite spots, trying to get some time in while the sun is out. Sooooo cold, but have to fly !
Made a few small changes on the PID tune, also mixing up my rates a bit. Lowering the RC rate and lowering expo. In the past I've ran about default RC rate and Super Rate just a bit lower than default, but I use a lot of expo.
I've been working with the Velocidrone simulator and trying some different settings, on the sim I really like using a lower RC rate around .80 or .85 and not as much expo, around .1 rather than my normal .4 or so.
Kind of two ways of doing the same thing, I like to set my rates so they are slower around the middle of the sticks and speed up a bit toward the ends. Can achieve this by using expo and\or lower RC Rate. I don't want it too spongy around the beginning of control sticks, I don't like it to be dead in the middle and then all of a sudden the quad responds, that is not good.
Rather start out very slow at beginning of control sticks, and slowly increases the further toward the ends. I don't use all that fast of rates though, maximum around 600 deg\sec. Racing I will lower that more around 400 or so.
Trying to be smooth :)

iFlight XING 2306 2450kv motors
iFlight iPeaka 45A BLHeli_32 Dshot1200 ESCs
OmniBus F4 Pro V2 Flight Controller
GoPro Session 5 - 2.7k Superview RAW
RunCam Racer 2

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