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Reptile Harrier S1100 - Winter patrol // 4K (2160p) Are you guys ready for a new episode? The #s1100 #harrier #squad is on the rise and today we‘ll give you a glimpse of what we are up to when we fly together.

The initial test flight
The two squad pilots have been lucky and found a slot to get in the air. Main goal was to fine tune their iNav settings. After some minutes everything worked out and they started cruising the area together.

So this is the squad?
well ... the first half of it and the rest is about to follow up! The weather here still isn't nice to us but it's getting better which will enable us to get the other to Harriers in the air to complete the squad.

Same setup?
Yes, the setup is as listed below! No surprises or show stoppers- we've set up the Harriers to be twin motors and as such they do a very good job. As usual we list only the stuff we use! If you need a hint on that then just write a comment below and we'll respond ... as we always do :)

Do you want to see more? :) ...

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The Harriers use these components (affiliated links):
S1100 Harrier KIT:
S1100 Harrier KIT (BLACK):
2 x TowerPro MG92B servos:
2 x Racerstar RS30A 30A Blheli_S OPTO 2-4S ESC:
2x SunnySky X2216 1250kv:
2x 8045“ Props
LC Filter for clean video:
Caddx Turbo SDR2 :
Gitup F1 :

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