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I had a battery I needed to use up before it got too dark so I made this little flight. It seemed to be going pretty good until the panic move on pitch I did, afraid I was about to run into the tree. In hindsight, the tree may have been more forgiving than the driveway. No major damage but the end of one of the arms did serve its purpose in protecting the motor. It chipped and delaminated it a little. I guess the saying is right, if you are not crashing you are not pushing yourself to get better.

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This is now the FPV video of the week!
Thanks bro!
I can't believe that you don't get in trouble with your naiborhood here in Spain they would kill you for that!?! You need permission from each owner to fly over his property... Where do you live?
I have asked and fortunately for me they didn't mind. Some of them even like watching me fly it.
Lucky you!!!