on January 9, 2019 41 views

Made some small changes to PID settings from the last flight and giving it a try. Only change was +5 on the Pitch I term value. Changed from 55 to 60. Pitch P is currently set at 65. Roll P is set at 55 and Roll I is set at 45. Yaw P 70 and Yaw I 60.

Looking very good, and I can see slight improvement on the pitch setting, but after this flight I think I'm going to bump it up another 5 so that Pitch "I" will then be set at 65.
Still getting just a bit of movement on the cross hair, moving up and down when dropping throttle. This could also be a Pitch P setting or a combination of Proportional control and Integral.
Another possibility if I do not see more improvement after another increase, will be to try and increase Anti Gravity value.
Motors are handling great, super smooth and impressive power range.

Tuning new motors iflight XING 2306 2450kv on a QAV210 frame using OmnibusF4 Pro V2 Flight Controller.

AKK Tek switchable 25mw-600mw VTX RHCP

Fat Shark Dominator V3 with FuriousFPV V3.7 True D receiver and ImmersionRC antennas RHCP.