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Female. Lives in Augusta, Georgia, United States. Born on January 1.
Addicted to
FPV Kwads
My setup(s)
7" Flywoo Mr. Croc frame w/ DJI Air Unit & DAL folding props
Radiomaster TX-16s HAL
Crossfire Full w/ ... View More
My sponsors
Team AirWar ~ Choppergirl's Flying Circus ~ Ninja Fighter Pilot Girls ~ 444 Squadron Daughters of Er... View More
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About Me
- My grandfather was a P-38, P-39, and P-47 fighter pilot who flew 171 missions in WW2
- I was the t... View More


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwQ7Z-zetfA Boy is Valentines Day sucking this year! Anyway, Happy Sucky Valentines Day 2021 everybody! This is how you fly from the warm comfort of your own home! ... View More