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Female. Lives in Augusta, Georgia, United States. Born on January 1.
Addicted to
FPV Kwads
My setup(s)
7" Flywoo Mr. Croc frame w/ DJI Air Unit & DAL folding props
Radiomaster TX-16s HAL
Crossfire Full w/ ... View More
My sponsors
Team AirWar ~ Choppergirl's Flying Circus ~ Ninja Fighter Pilot Girls ~ 444 Squadron Daughters of Er... View More
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About Me
- My grandfather was a P-38, P-39, and P-47 fighter pilot who flew 171 missions in WW2
- I was the t... View More


BETATESTERS WANTED! Do you have an Open-TX radio? I need you :) I need a few Beta testers to try my new sound pack on their own Open-TX radios and confirm that the sounds play, before I post link... View More