Yes, Ovonic open the EU warehouse now. Check here:
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Shipped from where, do you know?
How many quads are you taking out to rips?
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At least 5 lol. I carry around 8or 9 including whoops and micro rippers .
Do you guys use 6s for your FPV freestyle? I want to stock them from ovonic. I Find here:
Do you like ripping in the snow?
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Not done that yet, only started in late February. Going to invest in some DryDrone for my new build for just that reason.
how about get your quad coated?
such as big deal, soooooo cheap, and buy 2 get 1 free is available, coupon: BF201810
oh just love my fpv lipo battery from ovonic:
do you know what is this quad? just know that is ovonic battery:
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