on June 6, 2019
Hey guys. I am assembling a new LR quad based on 6" Chameleon Ti LR. This is my first quad with a GPS and I've made such mount for my antenna's. What do you think about such mount? is it OK to put all antenna's so close to each other? Also I have TBS Nano diversity and that is why I want to put 2nd antenna vertical at front of copter.
Also I think about how to connect my power cable. At the beginning I thought to connect it with all my antennas at the back of copter, but I heard that it is not a good idea to put power cable near VTX(right now it is barely visible, but power cable with capacitor should be somewhere under VTX)
Also I have several Immortal T antennas and one of antennas is old TBS Immortal Special(with red heatshinks). And as I see this antenna little bit shorter than new TBS Immortal T. Is it OK?
Dimension: 1200 x 1200
File Size: 115.27 Kb
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