New FPV Spots
City: Can Picafort Mallorca
Cool place with a lot of graffitis... ...
City: Trinity
Various spots within 10 minute(max) walk of each other. Open ...
April 10, 2018 by
Country: USA
City: Milford
Postal Code: 06461
Street: North St
Keep attention to: Power lines if you fly long range, some people get annoyed but keep in mind that is not a dog part so you have every right to fly there if you look on the map dog park is on the other side of the land and street its all trails so they have there own area
open field, great for rc cars and plans this also leads to the AMA field if you take the trails, when pulling in stay to the left in front of the mafia blocks, reason being you can take the trails to the left and bring you to the air field instead of an o

Latitude: 41.25167674347808 Longitude: -73.05679491319358


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