New FPV Spots
City: Can Picafort Mallorca
Cool place with a lot of graffitis... ...
City: Trinity
Various spots within 10 minute(max) walk of each other. Open ...
April 3, 2018 by
Country: USA
Postal Code: 59404
Street: 7TH ST NE
Keep attention to: Birds and approaching planes. This area is barely out of the 5 mile range and even closer to the airport approach.
Great place to fly if your beginning. Lots of room. Allthough the asphalt eats quads and the pond is disgusting (ducks and geese) so if you fly into it... be prepared to lose it or puke the whole time your trying a retrieval

Latitude: 47.54110499864403 Longitude: -111.29793636779533


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