Old Airport
October 13, 2018 by
City: Wichita ks
Old air strip, hollowed out handers. Be advised to bring clippers for the over burden.
RC Quadcopters Niš
August 14, 2018 by
City: Nis
Great location outside the town. Lots of space for gates, welcome to Niš.
Tangari national par...
August 12, 2018 by
City: Adelaide
A great park to set up a track or just rip freestyle Heaps of gaps and plenty of different areas to fly. Few dogs ge...
Mosko Park
August 9, 2018 by
City: Colorado Springs
This is where it all started for me. The park I go to to test and tune all my kwadz! My latest maiden flight of the SW T...
Twain Park
August 9, 2018 by
City: Colorado Springs
Took my first maiden of the Helio FC here. Check it out!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDCkRIKCy_E&t=92s
City: Rotterdam
Small park. Pretty decent for whipping around a quad. Couple of nice trees to play with. Usually really quiet even thoug...
Sierra Point RC Unof...
June 29, 2018 by
City: Brisbane
Mostly fixed wings, some 3D heli pilots, and RC cars. This is my open aerobatics freestyle spot. Come join ^^ Video p...
June 12, 2018 by
City: Jacksonville
Designated RC park and club, complete with scale airfield. AMA registration required to fly. Open field. MultiGP event...