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We all have favourite fly spots, places we go everything we need to blast. But what happens when your travelling or looking for somewhere new? That's where this group comes into its own. This group can provide a list of amazing flying spots for all to love and share. So please post your locations here. We like to use the app 'what3words' as you can pin point a place down to 3 square meters. But you can also use Google maps. Please post the location as follows... (Place name) - (Area) - (Country) Short description App link Then please create a photo album of the location with the same Title and information in the description. Please check the way the other posts are laid out before posting. The reason for this is for people to be able to search for any area in any country and find a place to fly. If you go to a new place to fly please respect the area and the hobby. Minimal noise, respect the neighbours/locals and take your rubbish home with you! Break a prop put it in your bag not the floor! 🤘😁 Thanks folks
Rochdale Fpv
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Rochdale FPV is all about bringing new and experienced pilots together as a community to help build this hobby and support each other. Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Repeat! It doesn't matter if you fly planes, quads, drones, helicopters, drive boats, cars, tanks. If you can stick a camera on it then this is the place for you. We want the hobby to grow both in itself and in the public eye. So whether you're just starting out and looking for advice or have been piloting for years then please click on the join link and welcome to the community.
Project PITO
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Project P.I.T.O. is an environmental initiative created to combat the trash issues we encounter while flying our aircraft and quads in public and private locations as well as encouraging recycling of working and broken parts, electronics, scrap plastic and shipping materials accumulated while enjoying this hobby.
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Hey Guys, its a Channel for people from Germany, so :P Moin aus dem Norden, finde die Idee eines Facebook für FPV Piloten generell gut, doch leider wieder nichts deutsches. Nun haben wir immerhin eine deutsche Gruppe hier, ladet so viele ein wie ihr mögt, egal ober Racer oder Freestyler (obwohl ich Freestyler lieber mag :P). Allen viel spaß in der Gruppe und behandelt andere so wie ihr gerne behandelt werden würdet :)
FPV West Midlands
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For pilots in the West Midlands region of England!  Upon joining please introduce yourself 😊 
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