by on April 11, 2018

I call it.... THE WUZ-ZARD!

This Build Started as an old Eachine wizard frame that had the top plate modified to be a "drop " style frame. Then I bolted on some 6 inch alien arms and covered the whole thing in matte red carbon fiber print vinyl. The FPV cam inside Is a Foxeer XAT-600m and for the VTX I used the good old trusy Unify PRO HV. The antenna attached to that is a modified Aomway cloverleaf   Alright now the main heart of the beast is a KISS V2 hooked up to some HGLRC 28AMP ESCs through a HUBOSD...... and finally.... Attached to those are some EMAX 2306 2400KV white tops dressed in some SWEET ASS HQ 5.5s......BEAST......


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Looks nice. Did you use a Die for the red or is that paint?
Never mind I read the full description. I saw the red color and got all excited and forgot to read.. lol