by on August 1, 2018

"No more broken arms!" - that is my moto.

Logic behind my work is simple. In order to progress, you need to go to the limits. Going to the limits requires the risk. The risk will lead to crashes. Crash damages will stop you from flying.

Removing last part from this equotation will help you to improve much faster. It gives the opportunity to practice more, longer filight times, endless joy and happiness. Every pilot wants that!

Obsidian Wasp FPV racing frame is ready to be your perfect ultimate racing machine.

It offers everyting what is required by top racers. And in same time it gives all what is needed to pilots who wants to improve his skills drastically and fast, without spending too much money.

Obsidian Wasp FPV racing frame is reasonably lightweight - it weights 70 grams.
It is compact - 215 MTM, and body is just slightly longer than 4s 1300mAh battery, low drag narrow arms.
It is very simple to assemble an work on - 8 screws to hold whole construction.
And finally it is extremely durable!!! 8 mm thick arms are made from High Strength Toray T700 Carbon Fiber composite sheet.

I won't say anything else. More info can be found on my website CrissCrossFPV

But now just look at pictures and enjoy!!!


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Newbie question here. The motors are connected with plugs?
November 24, 2018
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I see in the pictures they are soldered to a 4 in 1 ESC
November 24, 2018
David gauthier
"In order to progress, you need to go to the limits. Going to the limits requires the risk. The risk will lead to crashes.." My answer when my buddies say "you broke yur quad again?"
November 28, 2018
So the extension was tomake up for needed wiring or to make it easier to replace a motor if needed?
November 28, 2018
short wires
November 28, 2018
Junior Valentine
I imagine braiding the wires made them short so extensions were needed. Not a big deal for freestyle but this looks like it is a race rig. It's very very clean and a beauty no doubt.
May 13, 2019