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We all have favourite fly spots, places we go everything we need to blast. But what happens when your travelling or looking for somewhere new? That's where this group comes into its own. This group can provide a list of amazing flying spots for all to love and share. So please post your locations here. We like to use the app 'what3words' as you can pin point a place down to 3 square meters. But you can also use Google maps. Please post the location as follows... (Place name) - (Area) - (Country) Short description App link Then please create a photo album of the location with the same Title and information in the description. Please check the way the other posts are laid out before posting. The reason for this is for people to be able to search for any area in any country and find a place to fly. If you go to a new place to fly please respect the area and the hobby. Minimal noise, respect the neighbours/locals and take your rubbish home with you! Break a prop put it in your bag not the floor! 🤘😁 Thanks folks
Project PITO
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Project P.I.T.O. is an environmental initiative created to combat the trash issues we encounter while flying our aircraft and quads in public and private locations as well as encouraging recycling of working and broken parts, electronics, scrap plastic and shipping materials accumulated while enjoying this hobby.
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Thank you for joining ChinaHobbyLine's Offical Group. You are warmly welcomed to share your flight videos, experience, skills and suggestions here. If you are looking for sponsorships, please contact NorCal Rob (CNHL sponsor team leader) on facebook, he will help you out.  Current team pilots: NorCal Rob (Team Leader) Frank Sarfino (Race Team Leader) Jack OCampo (Micro Team Leader) Shane Sawyer Gabriel Marin Dillon Carpenter Colby Curtola Nick Burns Magdalena Klos James Mcgee Caleb Chenoweth Filip Gzula Travis Samson Nelson Munoz Kevin Boyer Noellie Sartorio Steve Bianco Eric Konetzny Zane Read Rob Souza Joshua Decker Jeff Orta Ethan Gulnac Kelsey Hunt Nicole Merrick Reza Kurniawan Learn more about the team and their social media on our site: https://chinahobbyline.com/index.php?route=information%2Finformation&information_id=10
Alex Nigro
Birk Gu
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https://shop.brickracing.com FPV racing drone shop located Northen Europe - Latvia. We offer wide range of parts for your needs, from - Team-Blacksheep, HQProp, Runcam, DAL, Gemfan, T-Motor, Cobra, BBB etc
Tiny Whoop
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This group is a place to post and discuss micro flight. We're all pushing to stay on top of the micro game - lets share info! www.tinywhoop.com www.youtube.com/tinywhoop
Abbie Qiu
INAV - Drone Autopilot Software
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INAV is a firmware to control multicopter and fixed-wing UAVs and is a fork of cleanflight with a heavy focus upon GPS features for both airplanes & multirotor models.URL : http://inavflight.com/Latest FW release : https://github.com/iNavFlight/inav/releasesLatest Configurator release : https://github.com/iNavFlight/inav-configurator/releasesWiki : https://github.com/iNavFlight/inav/wiki
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Be welcome to the Betaflight Group (if there is a betaflight dev here let me know so I can give him admin rights to the group!). Here Betaflight users can unite, ask questions and stay up-to-date about new betaflight releases! RULES: - NO affiliate links (admin only) - NO advertising (contact us if you want to advertise!) - Keep it on topic and please be kind! - Non Betaflight related messages will be removed Betaflight updates: https://github.com/borisbstyle/betaflight/releases/ Betaflight Wiki:https://github.com/borisbstyle/betaflight/wiki  
Pepperfish 2S pocket rocket
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The place for all Pepperfish enthousiasts. So, what is a pepperfish ? Pepperfish is a 90 sized brushless micro quad with probably the highest power > weight ratio at its size. Credits for making the first ever flight stack in this size go to Fishpepper He is the creator of the Tinyfish FC with built in FrSky Rx and the TinyPepper 4in1 ESC that where later copied by racerstar and sold as the Racerstar F3D8 flight controller and Star6 4in1 ESC. As time passed more and more micro sized (16x16mm) flight controllers, receivers, esc`s and video transmitters hit the market giving us micro quad lovers more and more build opportunities. Lets use this group to share our builds, vids, pics and offcourse links of new even faster and lighter electronics!
Anne Yu