Aloha guys 'n galls,

I'm a reasonable old dog just turned 50 this year. Living in the deepest south of Holland. With an addiction for speed. So was very into trackdays with a lightly modified car. But trackdays are risky business and when my brother inlaw started with this FPV thing it didn't took long before the first quad was bought. To make a long story short... Been busy now for about the short side of 4 years. Did one race, cause that addiction for speed still there. Got a fleet of quads now, a few wings for FPV still on the workbench and a whole lot of FPV gear.

Well thats about it, take care and fly fast or go homeߘ



Welcome mate nice to have you here!

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Presently look what DHL conveyed at my doorstep . .... Haven't flown the tinywhoop in a while, overlooked how fun it was. ... since is was getting the vibe for the new rates, yet hello, any day flying is a decent day, right .

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