Hello. I'm new to quads n I recently bought x220s wizard eachine. It needs beta flight at up even though it's supposed to be RTF. I'm a bit intimidated by beta flight.  Please help me do all the right things. Thank you

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This is a great video to begin with! 


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Wow thank you so much! I really wanna be understanding of this hobby!


The Wizard X220 is right now our most loved section level FPV quadcopter – the execution is phenomenal and it comes at an incredible cost. As a matter of course, the SPRacing F3 flight controller accompanies Cleanflight introduced on it however this doesn't receive the best in return. To improve the execution of the Wizard X220 much further, you should utilize the most recent variant of BetaFlight.

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Betaflight Configurator is an extremely mainstream application that permits to design the air ship by means of GUI and it tends to be downloaded as an augmentation for Google Chrome program. Both flight controller and GUI application are open source.

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