Hello to all, fellow pilots!

I began flying a couple of weeks ago and I was told by the friend who built my quad, who happens to have a YT channel, that if I improve fast enough I can start posting my videos on their channel. I was wondering, just out of curiosity, what do you guys think about their videos: are they good or bad? what would you change in their style/locations?
I hope it's not OT or forbidden, I was looking for an opinion from unknown Fpv pilots, also because critiques can improve the overall quality.

Here's the link:


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Worry less about making videos, focus instead 100% on improving your piloting skill.  I saw that as advice on some channel in the beginning and it turned out to be correct.

In the beginning you want to make flying videos dubbed to music, that's the turn on.  But if you keep at practicing in a sim, you realize, the stuff you just did 100 horus ago back you've now far exceeded in flying skill, ad are kind of cringe worthy to you.   The further back you go, the more what you thought was hot shot piloting skills to you, now looks like grandma driving a quad to the grocery store. 

After 500 hours, I stopped bothering rendering out music flying videos, because I was moving so fast in skills that it seemed no point.   In a week, I'd know more combo tricks than I did now...

Another thing to avoid, is cherry picking your footage.  A lot of people do that, and it really slows you down to.  I'd just grab whatever garbage practice footage I captured with OBS off the harddrive and render music over that if it fit...  and toss it up on my channel... but even that will take an afternoon...  because then you watch it over and over yourself, spam it to friends, etc

Focus on the flying, and having fun, forget the video making.  The itnernet is already awash with fpv videos.    In 1000 more hours, you'll think... I'm glad I don't haveall that embarassing junk to delete from way back when I started....I don't skateboard, but I imagine it's like skateboarding.  You want to get so good, that just playing and hrosing around  having fun doing combos and tricks you mastered long ago (by practicing them over and over again) looks elite.  There's no substitute for stick time in the sim.   Play it like you'd play Grand Theft Auto 3 or your favorite FPS shooter.   The miles and hours will fly by... 

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