Youtube seems like it's saturated full already of FPV quad copter videos,...  

Product Review Videos, How to Videos, and now... Livestreams...  

When everybody's going right, I'm thinking - go left...?  and try something different? 

I'm thinking about making a little seires where I discover new visual appealing aerobatics tricks, and then make a short video about each trick I've found that looks interesting someone could use themselves.

What the trick is, what it looks like when you do it, and how to do it so you can add it to your bag of flying tricks.  

Try and keep each video insular and short to one trick each, so you can pick and chose what you want to watch.

I watched one video of Bardwell trying to teach a trick (a backslide), and I was like... eh.. meh.  I tried it out in the sim, and I was like... I don't think I'd ever use it...

Then I went back to watching fpv product porn and searching how to videos.





Would you watch something like that, a short video about doing a visual interesting trick with a voice over?  Is it worth bothering making?

Sample Intro:


Recording and eding videos takes a lot of time and work, and I'm thinking I'd just be adding more rubbish flotsam to the internet.

In the 11 years I've had a Youtube channel, I've never made a single penny off of Youtube (meh), so I'd have to have fun making each video or I'd probably quit pretty soon.

I'd probably rather just go back to sleep and dream...


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I gotta love it when Grayson Hobby replies "Deep and Dark" to my comment about the Radiomaster R168 receiver being fine 5 years ago, but totally inadequate today,  when within a few months the Spooks are going to be shooting your model out of the sky with a $35 handheld 2.4/5ghz off the shelf radio jammer.... once RemoteID kicks in and someone complains you're being a nuissance flying nowhere near any approved AMA field.

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I'm a total Youtube junkie, and have watched a million videos and subscribed to hundreds of channels over two decades ( my subscriptions: )

Most of the ocean of videos I've watched, even though they are mostly well made and with a lot of work behind them, including many with a ton of work and time put obviously in individual videdos, in the big ocean of videos one watches over a liftime... they become totally forgetable.

So I'm trying to brainstorm, what makes a good Youtube channel that you will remember and stand out to you, if in the end you just have to pick your top 3 you might remember...  as your favorites.

My thought is, you'll forget the channel, you'll forget most of the individual  videos, but you won't forget knowing the person and if you were impressed with them or not, if you liked them or not.

  • --The person gets straight to the point
  • --The person shares  with you everything they have learned (or researched) about something, positive AND NEGATIVE.
  • --They talk to the camera.  The audio is the content and the message.  You could turn off the video and still get the message.
  • --They release videos constantly.  It's not about any one individual video, it's more about building an audience that can stay current with you and follow you on a daily or weekly basis.   So you have  to crank out the  videos (so you better streamline the process), but you also shouldn't waste their time with rubbish or fluff if you have nothing ground breaking to say that someone else hasn't already said before.
  • --They are consistent in their presentation so all videos have a familiar characteristic setting and look to each other that you can grow comfortable and familiar with as the setting and environment for that series
  • --You remember them as a person, or personality, not a channel or any one video
  • --They are always there as a friend to anybody / available to answer questions...   plainly, politely, kindly,  or with snarky wit for snarky wit :-)
  • --They are humble
  • --They are intelligent
  • --They are honest
  • --They can be opinionated, but state what their own reasoning, logic,  or pracitcal experience is behind their personal preference to be opinionated in such a way, so you can decide if that agrees with your own reasoning or experience or not.
  • --They Screw up and show you their daft mistakes; they are human... pushing an enevelope or playing around.
  • --They have fun screwing up or trying new things, but not outright stupidity for stupidities sake.

What did I miss?   What makes your top 3 favorite Youtube Channels your favorite...  and why?    Can you remember three of the top of your head, or the main personality in them?  

What irks you the most about other channels, that could be great, if they just... changed... something they were doing.    


My biggest problem seems to be how to wrap my heas around talking in real time, and syncing audio with video.   I can write a Youtube comment or post to beat the band, but when it comes to writing a script or talking in real time ex temporaneously about something... I just get this sharp pain right between my eyes...  ugh.. work... must perform on my feet in real time...  lol.   It's the same kind of thing when doing FPV aerobatics... I'm golden and in the zone and another flow dimension when I'm having fun, but as soon as I click the record button...  I become completely self concious, compelled that I need to perform, and invariably and immediately start futzing up big time making absoltely uninteresting botched up rubbish.






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