What kind of stem FPV drone is better? The Junior Racer, a stem FPV drone jointly launched by NVision FPV and MultiGP for teenagers aged 7-16 years old, is officially launched. This is a drone designed to cultivate youth awareness of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

From the appearance point of view, Junior Racer was designed with reference to the well-known movie characters of teenagers: Optimus Prime and Iron Man, using the color of the MultiGP logo as the main color. The product is beautiful and generous, and it has been liked by many teenagers. It supports global professional racing-level velocidrone simulators, and pilots get the exact same racing experience indoors as real flying outdoors.

What kind of stem FPV drone is better? Advantages of Junior Race:

No need for soldering, suitable for students and FPV pilots
The color of FPV is soul purple, beautiful and in line with design aesthetics
The FPV without battery is only 50.4g, which can be easily placed on your finger.
The 135°octagonal protective cover increases the impact surface of the crash from 0.4c㎡ to 1c㎡, effectively protecting the FPV drone
CADDX Eos2 2.1mm, perfect use as FPV racing camera, 1200TVL resolution, 1/3" CMOS sensor, low latency ensure high-quality and clear image
Support the global professional racing velocidrone simulator, and get the same racing experience indoors in winter as real flying.
300mAh 3S 45C, battery life 5-7 minutes
Low battery protection, out of control protection, etc., provide multiple protections for FPV.

NVision FPV is China's largest manufacturer/company focusing on the production of FPV products. Since its establishment several years ago, its production technical parameters have taken the lead in the industry. Its core components such as FC, ESCs, motors, and frames are all independently developed and have 12 core patents.

All FPV products have a complete production line: the steps of frame making include design, raw materials, cutting, polishing, and product sales; the entire chain of production of electronic parts from design, assembly to mass production can be completed. Currently, 6 of the top 10 FPV drone brands in the world are produced in NVision FPV.

NVision FPV, based on the technical advantages accumulated in the early stage for the well-known FPV brand OEM, uses the stem FPV drone as a breakthrough point to enter the US STEM course, focusing on the development of drone teaching aids and courses, with the goal of training professional competitive pilots. Differentiate from other brands.

In the next few years, NVision FPV, as a strategic partner of MultiGP in the Asia-Pacific region, will establish in-depth cooperation to use FPV for STEM education and cultivate more "Junior science Racers".

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