Recently, a new type of FPV has become more and more popular-Toothpick FPV. This FPV pursues lightweight design, high motor efficiency, and high thrust-to-weight ratio. But new pliots often don't know how to choose.

When choosing a toothpick FPV, you should pay attention to:

1. Because new pliots are easy to crash, whether the frame is sturdy is the first factor to be considered.

2. When choosing a toothpick fpv, you need to consider whether it is easy to replace electronic parts after FPV crashing; when you choose to build a toothpick FPV, consider whether it is easy to assemble the soldering, wiring, etc.

3. The weight of the FPV drone.

4. Battery life.

5. Refer to the posts and videos of the pilots.

The Gyarados frame, a TCMMRC FPV toothpick fpv frame I shared today, was launched in mid-October.

The Gyarados frame, a TCMMRC FPV toothpick fpv frame, was launched in mid-October.According to public information, Gyarados frame is a frame jointly launched by China Aerospace, the high-end customized brand NVision under TCMMRC FPV, and P.O.Wder_FPV.

The Gyarados frame is a wide X-shaped structure, with a wheelbase of 230mm, an arm thickness of 5mm, and an arm width of 8mm. It is made of T700 12K carbon fiber material. According to the person in charge of the China Aerospace Gyarados project: The tensile strength of the T700 frame is 38.8% higher than that of the ordinary T300 frame, and the elongation at break increases by 40%. T700 is a high-tech material widely used in aviation fields such as rockets, aircraft carriers , and airplanes. The edges of Gyarados frame have been chamfered, so there is no need to polish.

"It's very challenging to make a 5-inch toothpick fpv. In a month of product design, I searched and referenced tens of thousands of pages of information, and published more than 3 versions of the design. Finally, I have this 5-inch toothpick fpv-Gyarados.” Gyarados The chief designer said that in light of the lightweight design, Gyarados fpv uses a 25.5*25.5mm f4 AIO flight control, 1507-2400KV motor + 850mAh battery, and a battery life of nearly 7 minutes, which can easily be competent for freestyle and racing practice.Many pilots praised the Gyarados frame:

Samuel said: Giving a child is like playing an airplane.

Lionel said: Light and strong... This is a great frame for racing!

Neno said: (Gyarados) looks great, but it's actually much better than the picture.

TCMMRC FPV is an FPV manufacturer integrating independent research and development, production, sales, after-sales, warehousing and logistics. Its core products are frame, flight control, ESC, and motor. It has 12 patents. After more than 7 years of development, TCMMRC FPV has produced more than 100,000 FPV+ accessories. The products are exported to Europe, America and many other countries, and are well received by pilots. At present, it has reached cooperation with FPV associations/alliances in many countries around the world, such as MultiGP, China Aerospace, Germany, Spain, Serbia, and Argentina.

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