I have built 4 race quads and I have been using Tattu lipo on them since the beginning. They are tried and true so if you take good care of them, they will take good care of your quads. Remember to balance charge them on a regular basis. I use the 1300mAh 4s on my main when racing and the Tattu 1800mAh when just taking footage. My specs are as follows.

2x Alien 5" Frame 1x QAV250 1x Falcon X-frame
Lumenier 2206 2350kv
HQ 5/4/3 props

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Airborne FPV is a sort of remote-control (RC) flying that has developed in ubiquity lately. It includes mounting a little camcorder and a simple video transmitter to a RC flying machine and flying by methods for a live video down-interface, usually showed on video goggles or a versatile screen.

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